Labour Overview – Dominica

The Labour Standards Act stipulates working hours, break times and overtime rate. The Labour Contracts Act requires the employer to give an employee, as far as is possible, a minimum amount of notice of the requirement to work overtime.
The Labour Standards Act also provides for maternity leave for employees who have completed one year of continuous employment, some of which is paid. The Act also provides that employees are entitled to 2 paid weeks vacation for service under 5 years and 3 paid weeks for 5 years of service and over.
Labour Standards (Minimum Wage) Order, 2008 establishes minimum wage for different job categories.
The Public Holidays Act, Chapter 19:10 provides for 12 paid public holidays, provided the worker works on the working days prior to and after the holiday.
The Labour Contracts Act/Protection of Employment Act provides that an employee who has been continuously employed for not less than three years and has been terminated on account of redundancy, is entitled to a redundancy benefit, in the amount set out in the Act.

Pension Overview

Pensions Act, Chapter 23:80 governs pensions of government officials. The Overseas Officers Pensions  Act, Chapter 23:82 governs pensions of certain officials.

Currently, no legislation exists to regulate pension plans in the private sector. However, Dominica is part of a larger review being conducted by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, Commissionon the Pension and Pension Administration Reform. The goal of the Commission is to review and make recommendations to achieve the goals of stable, predictable and adequate income security throughout retirement.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the Commission.

Social Security Benefits

The National Provident Fund (NPF) is a contributory fund whereby workers contribute 5% of their income and employers contribute another 5%. The NPF contributions paid into the fund are treated as savings with a 3% rate of interest. Upon retirement, the worker is given a lump-sum refund of contributions along with the accrued interest.

The maximum monthly salary on which contributions are payable is $6,000.

Social Security Contributions

The Social Security benefits are as follows:

  • Sickness and Maternity Benefits – Generally paid for a short duration of time to partially replace employment income lost due to temporary absence from work

  • Employment Injury Benefit, Disablement Benefit, Death Benefit, Medical Expenses Benefit which are usually payable as a direct consequence of an occupational hazard.

  • Age Benefit, Invalidity Benefit, Survivors Benefit are generally payable for a short period.

  • A Funeral Grant is paid upon the death of a member, his/her dependent spouse and dependent children subject to applicable Social Security regulations

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